About Us

Jiangsu Gongtang Chemical Equipments Co., Ltd, established in 1989, is a professional glass lined equipment manufacturer in China. We mainly provide 50L-60000L glass lined reactor, 100L-100000L glass lined storage tank, glass lined vessel accessories, and other related products. The glass lined equipment is made by spraying powdered glass onto metal surface and is mainly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In our factory, there are many types of common glass equipment, including glass kiln, glass furnace, and glass making machine, for glass making and processing. Additionally, custom-made glass lined steel equipment is available as well.>> More

Main Products
  • ServiceAfter communicating with customers, we will propose reasonable engineering solutions and mechanical configuration according to the actual projects. Drawing design and non-standard product customization services are available as well.
  • Performance of GT88 GlassGT88 glass has superior corrosion resistance. In resisting the corrosion of boiling hydrochloric acid, GT88 performs 3 times better than ordinary glass, while in resisting hot sodium hydroxide solution, it is 2.1 times better.
  • Installation, Operation, StorageIt is only allowed to exert force on the tank lugs when transporting the unpackaged glass lined equipment. Make sure the coupler, clamps and other wearing parts are under no stress. Rolling the equipment or moving it with a crowbar is not permitted. Avoid shock and collision.
  • Material Viscosity TableViscosity refers to the flowing or non-flowing property of a substance. Any fluid has a viscosity. The viscosity of a fluid is a measure of its resistance to shear forces. It is reflected in the initial and continuing flowing stages. For example, the fluid of high viscosity needs more power to flow than the one of low viscosity.