About Us

Jiangsu Gongtang Chemical Equipments Co., Ltd, established in 1989, is a professional glass lined equipment manufacturer in China. We mainly provide 50L-60000L glass lined reactor, 100L-100000L glass lined storage tank, glass lined vessel accessories, and other related products. The glass lined equipment is made by spraying powdered glass onto metal surface and is mainly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In our factory, there are many types of common glass equipment, including glass kiln, glass furnace, and glass making machine, for glass making and processing. Additionally, custom-made glass lined steel equipment is available as well.>> More


1. After communicating with customers, we will propose reasonable engineering solutions and mechanical configuration according to the actual projects. Drawing design and non-standard product customization services are available as well.

2. We will provide on-site installation guide and staff training for customers after they purchase our glass lined equipment.

3. For our glass lined equipment, the minimum guarantee period is 9 months. If the high-end imported glass is adopted, the warranty period can reach 18 months.

4. If the equipment has quality problems within the warranty period, we offer free services until customers are satisfied. For quality problems arising beyond the warranty period, paid services are provided.